Games I like to play

How many dishes can I cram into the dishwasher at one time so that I don’t have to handwash anything? Answer: Everything, if one tries hard enough.

How many times can I turn on the dryer before I actually have to fold the clothes? Answer: 3 – on a particularly lazy day, 4.

How many times can I step over the same pair of shoes before I put them away? Answer: Lost count.

How long can I leave the trash next to the back door? Answer: Until Sunday when we have to take the trashcan to the curb.

How long before the houseplants die from severe dehydration? Answer: Still working on that.

How many pairs of sunglasses can one person buy in the search for a pair that doesn’t make her look like a giant bug?  Answer:  5 and counting.

How long does it take to disorganize an organized junk drawer?  Answer:  5-7 minutes.

What happened to all those pens I know I have, but can’t find anywhere?  Answer:  Thanks to Milo, they have been safely removed and stored under various appliances and pieces of furniture, would one care to look – under the stove should be the first search area.

How long will the cats play with this $6 toy I bought them?  Answer:  20-30 seconds.

How many ways can one use one’s computer to avoid household chores?  Answer:  403 and counting.

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