writing down the ridiculous, daily… sort of

About Me

Let’s see, About me….well, my name is Paige Waehner and I’m a writer.

But, I’m not exactly the kind of writer I’d like to be.

For example, in my day job, I write about exercise over at verywell.com, which I’ve done for, like, 15 years. And not to diss my job, or anything, but writing about exercise day after day can be just this side of dullsville.

Which is why I have this site, a place where I can write about silly things like my cat, Ziggy’s ass and the fact that it can, literally, block my entire computer screen when he’s in the mood to interrupt me. Or there’s Milo, my other cat, who gets violently upset whenever I talk on the phone. And then there’s Huckleberry, a 90-pound monster retriever who lies down on the floor, paralyzed when 13-lb Milo walks into the room.

And my husband. I love to complain about him a lot because that’s what marriage really is all about. Oh, and compromise, of course. But, mostly, complaining.

I also love to write novels. And by that, I mean I like to write them and then never try to get them published. Why do I do this? This probably has a deeply psychological answer, like I have a deep-rooted fear of failure…or maybe even a deep-rooted fear of success. Or perhaps I have a fear of writing query letters, which are by far the most painful things I have ever tried to write (besides a bio page, which is the next most painful writing task).

Mostly, I think the business of finding an agent and getting published is hard and it’s the least favorite part of the process I can think of. Kind of like how folding the laundry and putting it away is the worst part of washing clothes. Throwing them in the washer? A breeze.

My goal is to change that and actually try to get one of the (ahem) 7 novels I’ve completed published. Although the first 4 were ‘practice’ (aka, pieces of crap, which are necessary to finding one’s voice, I’m told).

That’s what I’m about. If you’re interested, you can find me at Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google + and Pinterest and I have a fitness page called, quite brilliantly, getfitwithpaige.com. There I have some exercisey stuff for your workout pleasure. You can also contact me through email, although I think email is the devil and my inbox is hell, both of which I try to avoid it as much as possible.