In Search of the Perfect Pen

Length of Search: Since Learning to Write
Pen’s Purchased This Month:
Purchase #1: Paper Mate Silhouette® Elite
Financial Cost: $6.99
Emotional Cost: Unfathomable.  Infathomable?  I don’t feel like looking it up

I’m sorry, but every Paper Mate pen I’ve ever tried has kind of sucked.  There’s a leakage problem, first of all, and the fact that, frankly, it’s a cheap ass pen.  Of course, now I have a box of, about, a thousand of them, so I can’t in good conscience throw them away.


Poem of the Week: Ode to Winter

Ode to Winter
By Paige Waehner, ©2013


It’s winter now, the snow is pure and white

Along the ground

Supposedly, a ‘wonderland’ where

‘Glistening’ snow abounds

A ‘wonderland’ of snowballs, sledding

Angels in the snow

Caroling and eggnog as we dance

And sing and glow

Yes, I can tell it’s winter, but

         Where is this ‘wonderland’?

I’d find it, but I I’ve lost all feeling

         In my feet and hands

The blood to my extremities

         Stopped flowing weeks ago

My skin’s so cracked, it’s peeling and

         My hair’s a frizzy dome

I’d love to go make snowmen

         But it’s seventeen below

And just try to make an angel

         In that icy, frigid snow

This ‘wonderland’ you speak of

         Looks so lovely in my mind

But that’s just a twisted fantasy

…I think I’ll stay inside